not all those who wander are lost

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  • Not sure about the Book Tower, it really depend on whoever owns it keeping it shut and keeping an eye on it. BuildingsOfDetroit went thru recently, and no serious breaches or scrapping was evident.

  • Nope, not starting a book at this time about anything. I like the Lost Detroit book. Cant imagine what I would do to top that, so Im happy thats out.

  • Randy,

    So are you going to start on such a book? Pictures are nice, beautiful even, but the Devil is in the Details as they say. The history of the Alter Rd. moat itself could be a whole book if approached correctly. Even more interesting it is still in existence. This is not to say that your investigation would change any minds in Detroit, or that anyone else in the country would see the great value in understanding this compelling story, but that is no reason not to try!


  • Thanks Robert !

    John – all interesting points and ideas. As the slogan suggests, I do let the topics that I talk about appear as I find them in my travels and conversations. I focus on certain themes at times, but the things I put up are the things that more or less present themselves to me in one way or another.

    And at times I certainly do bring the neighboring cities into the fray. Especially the Alter Road “moat” area that you referenced – probably the most shocking transition from wealth to poverty in North America – literally within a few blocks.

    Look at this post from 2005:

  • Just wanna say looking at the photo’s had me whistling the tune “Downtown”. I too am addicted to this site daily. Keep up the great work DFunk!!!

  • Randy,

    As usual great pictures, I am now addicted to checking your site daily. You have such a wealth of subjects to photograph there, though I do not know where this is a good or bad thing. Anyway I have a subject suggestion for you. You may even be able to parlay this into a book with a little historical documentation behind each of the pictures. The subject? The racial, social, and economic divide between the city and the suburbs of Detroit. You may even be able to expand this to documenting the spread of the blight to the suburbs especially in the current economic conditions. As an example look on my site at and scroll to the bottom of the page. There you will see a pic of Alter Rd. looking north with the divide between Detroit and Grosse Point Park easily delineated. Other examples I am sure are present throughout the borders of the city. I recall driving up Shaffer Hwy some years ago and the change as you crossed over from Dearborn to Detroit was quite obvious. Is there not still a wall in the northern part of Detroit that once separated the White and Black neighborhoods? What about the statue of Orville Hubbard that still graces the lawn in front of Dearborn city hall, I thought that would have gone the way of that statue of Saddam years ago. I could go on. I think this would be a great way to mesh some dramatic images with some important history, a history that is in my opinion at the core of Detroit’s plight.


  • Hey dFunk – your opinion please on how long before the book building goes the way of the scrappers and vandals?

  • What a great city.

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