now with even more funk !


Exposure one

Exposure two

Crazy stairway.

Okay man – who ever pulled this off is a genius….The United Artists office building now has a flag !

[note: I just learned that SurvivalCrackas are the original geniuses behind the flag hoisting concept at the UA. Again~ check out their site! -dF]

Cant really make out whats on the flag with my equipment. Genius I tell you….

I was driving down Warren and we spotted this noble chariot…To my shock when the light turned green it moved !! That back wheel was even more bent than it looks in the photo.


Hey Nailhed – whats the story on this place ? Has it been open in the past ? Spotted it on the way out of Northville after hiking around Maybury again. I remember it from when I lived in Plymouth – just one of the one room school houses around there still standing.

Definitely a few sites people should take some time to check out, starting with my pals at NothvilleTunnels.

And of course Kippers site about MayburySanatorium which was formerly in Northville, Michigan. Maybury was a quarantine camp for Tuberculosis patients – a very remote time far from modern day medicine. Or is it ? In a time of AIDSHIV hysteria, SARS, Birdflu – that crazy ass killer flu that some dumb ass organization “accidentally” mailed to labs all over earth – maybe places like Maybury will be required for a near future pandemic. Research of this facility is not only interesting, but may be one of the more important and essential resources for upcoming world events.

This website is the place to start. Take a look at our recent past – and perhaps our near future. All in a beautiful pastoral setting called “Maybury”.

An eye level view of the Statler roof during demolition. Some folks are still babbling about saving the building, but every day there is less and less to save.

Shot through with sunlight.

The Mighty Statler awaits its fate proudly and defiantly.

Even in its ghettoized state, the Statler still looks magnificent when the sun catches it.

Washington Boulevard side

Elevators installed into the fascia of the building

Abaters at work.

Some kind of blue dye pack left on the ground.

Very interesting, this day we found a chunk of the facade on the ground. It must have been removed to allow insertion of the elevator brackets.

Detail #61 on the original blueprint rendering.