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River Rouge Park

Bill McGraw has an excellent editorial about this latest Detroit fiasco HERE.

It sure sounds to me like the current mayor is not only closing these 50 parks as retribution against the City Counsel for not supporting the State takeover plan of Belle Isle, but it also sounds like the mayor is using the failed takeover plan as an excuse for every financial problem in the city. “If only we had the current Belle Isle deal, we never would have slashed the Police pay three years ago..” Yeah – it is bullshit and makes sense to nobody but Mayor Bing.

Many people are angry at the City Counsel for not taking the governors Belle Isle deal. What bothers me is the hard ball tactics that this governor chooses again and again. If the State wants to help Detroit, then just do it. Everything from governor Snyder has strings attached, no negotiations and punishments for failure to comply. The governor has shown his willingness to punish those who do not take his solutions, look at Pontiac. That is not leadership, that is just radical and antisocial. Exactly what I expect when people elect public officials from the corporate business sector, where such uncivilized behavior is often rewarded.

The City of Detroit was offered one single solution from the State of Michigan, a solution whose details remained painfully murky when it came to pinning down the State on exactly what it would provide and what authority Detroit would retain. I wont say it is a good or bad solution, only that it was intentionally left half baked, and no responsible adult should ever sign such contracts with anybody. Because the State kept that contract undefined, I say it was intended to benefit the State over the City when implemented – and therefore was NOT offered in good faith.

Only one solution ? That is what the brainiacs in Lansing came up with for this Belle Isle thing ? I am not impressed at how well these folks are doing their jobs. Not at all. And when Detroit did not roll over – FAST ENOUGH – the State pulls the rug out and says “nevermind”. What ?

Just thought I’d throw that out there, because the City Counsel is taking a hard wrap for this, yet the State does not come to the table with clean hands. Stop playing “hard ball” to force vulnerable municipalities to do your bidding.