Took the family to the DIA over winter break. Always love the original parts of the building, and the Rivera Court is one of my all time favorite spaces. The collection itself is still suffering from having been rearranged in the most confusing and disorienting manner conceivable, all because some jackass published an academic paper about doing away with cultural and historical context in museum galleries.

The result is about the same as doing away with any contextual categories in a library – you would get a room with a pile of unrelated books, and some idiot standing next to it asking you to appreciate the “diversity and contrast” of all the jumbled subject matter.

I will be happy when the current guy moves along to some other fancy-pants job, or comes to his senses and restores all the galleries to their traditional and proper museum classifications.

Two of my favorites in the DIA collection, the mosaic from the Ishtar Gate (sorry Iraq, we chopped and stole this thing fair and square. Don’t tell Banksy people though, they will flip out)

I know, how original. My favorite painter is the most famous/best painter in the world. Ahwell.

What I really dig is his Blue (and Rose) Period, and anybody who knows my paintings can see where I get much of my technique. And for my classmates from CCS-CAD, you will also notice a startling similarity between Picasso’s Blue Period work, and the painting style of Sarkis Sarkisian (as well as his protégé Richard Jerzy)

A guard tried to nip at me for taking this shot. I used no flash, no tripod, there were no “dont take photo” signs, and I was not in a special collection area. I was clutching the DIA map in my other hand, with the paragraph about how you can take as many photos as you like, with the previous restrictions. It actually says to “discover your inner Ansel Adams”. I don’t think Ansel Adams had security guards nagging him when he did his photos….