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I went back to Pershing High to see what the clock on that building looks like – and it’s very nice.

Does Denby have one too ? Are these on all the public high school designs from this era ? That is a cool attribute to the buildings, and also quite practical.

I guess if you designed this clock today you would have to have a giant terracotta cell phone up there to get people to even look up at it. Everybody these days are a bunch of shoe gazers – always staring at their precious little mobile devices. (‘cept a brave few who avoid those type of relationships altogether.)

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David Mackenzie High School on the West Side.

A gorgeous building decked out with colorful Art Deco Pewabic tile work all the way around.

The school opened in September 1928, so I am not sure why there are differing dates on the actual structure. Build completion or addition dates perhaps.

This entrance was added in 1950

This building IS sealed up about as proper as anybody could expect under the circumstances.

But this doesn’t mean that the scrappers are not trying their damnedest to get inside the structure.

So it appears they are crawling up to the roof, and are either attacking or trying to steal the Pewabic tile adornments.

The entire periphery is littered with shattered pewabic glazed terracotta brick work..

Here are the makers marks on the terracotta bricks, probably registration numbers to coordinate where each brick goes on the design.

And what of the amazing Pewabic clock that faces the back fields ? ?

iiieeeeeeeeeee….. Well, some of it is still there.

It looks like somebody tried to “harvest” it.

What a gorgeous school building, and what a bummer its getting wrecked in spite of being properly mothballed.

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