all who wander are not lost

Michigan Central Station

It seems our old friend Michigan Central Station is in the news again this morning. And it is not good news. And it is not surprising news. Two young people decided to go into the train station last night, and for whatever reason, the guy fell through the floor or a hole in the floor and down into the sub basement area. The fire rescue people had to come extract him from the lower level, almost 30 feet below the main floor. Apparently the guy is okay considering the fall he took.

So police were proud to croak that they ticketed the two with trespassing. There, all done.

But doesn’t anybody else out there wonder how such massive properties which are owned by such incomprehensibly wealthy individuals and corporations are allowed to persist in such conditions ? You all know that normal citizens are never allowed to maintain such property. If I don’t cut my grass, the city fines me. If I don’t pay that fine, the county takes my property. It is quite simple. So what’s up ?

I have an idea to help balance Detroit’s budget with no Emergency Managers. The Governor should immediately Eminent Domain all these properties owned by millionaires and billionaires that are left for years and decades to rot – and sell those parcels to developers willing to use them, even if it is for a dollar.

That way he wont have to sell off our State Fairgrounds and wont have to steal Belle Isle from Detroit. And unlike 96% of this Governors legislation, Eminent Domain is legal, constitutional and appropriate in this circumstance.