now with even more funk !

land boat

That big yellow turd off to the right there is the Charlevoix Hotel carcass.

This messy ass piece of shit has been pretty well locked up tight for years now – but suddenly this day I find it wideopen. Some old white kid came out this window with the puke on the sill, rambled up to his Monte Carlo, and sped off down Park Street.

He was probably shooting his junk in here, because you can always tell when crackheads have been lighting up. You can taste the acrid plastic smelling fumes left over when somebody melts a rock in an enclosed area like this.

Unless I interrupted him just relaxing and enjoying some fresh air out that open window….

The interiors of this place are just completely hit, not so interesting. No stair cases or anything.

Somebody deposited a nice land boat here.

The new Tri-Centennial Park. I was recently here to have a meeting with some business partners, and I realised I hadnt been out to look at the lighthouse and other new stuff up close. This park is actually the beginning of a river system of parks being joined into a single contiguious one. It was formerly St.Aubins Marina and St Aubin Park.

Here is the park today…

This is before the renovation.

The former St. Aubin Marina pre-renovation

This is the Marina play structure, now lost to renovations.

LAND OF BOATS” A lost artwork by Vito Acconci, placed here originally in 1991. At its unveiling, Acconci proclaimed “Here we have provided something people are in the middle of, as opposed to art with a distance”.

Original park sign for St Aubin Park.

Renovation projection for the new park.

Current lighthouse views.