There was a craft show thing at the newly renamed Fillmore Theatre last weekend, and thats cool and all. But I went to visit our old friend The State Theater / Palms Building. Its in decent shape, but I thought the Fillmore people would have put a few dollars into repairs and restoration. Doesnt look like it.

yet another gorgeous creation of Charlie Howard Crane.

No less ornate, but much less eclectic than the Fox Theatre, and not nearly as bizarre are the United Artists Theater.


I wonder what that was all about ?

[nailhed adds:”the Forbes thing…that’s the crest badge of the Forbes Clan of Scotland. the motto translating of course, to “Grace is my Guide.” i guess somebody important in the State’s founding was named Forbes.’]

hey – its The Green Man ! He pops up quite often in ornate architecture.

Still a few remaining references to The State Theater here.

here is just one of the spots of water damage to the plaster work, left untended these small problems became an expensive cancer on these buildings.

Important to remember that all these places were movie houses, not theaters in the stage play sense as they are used today.