not all those who wander are lost


Will the real Slim Shady please stand up…

This is the actual “Studio 8” where Marshall Mathers aka Eminem recorded the “The Slim Shady” album. (Ferndale Michigan) It was on sale on eBay, and was going for a couple hundred thousand USD. The guy who runs the studio (first floor) was executed a few days ago and was found shot to death near the entry way.

Allen Park Veterans Administration Hospital, about half way through demolition.

From the Allen Park Veterans Administration Hospital Archives

On March 24, 1937, Henry and Clara Ford donated 38 acres at the corner of Southfield and Outer Drive for use as a Veterans Administration hospital. Ground-breaking ceremonies for the hospital were held on July 27, 1937, with Henry Ford in attendance. Major additions to the original hospital were made after WWII and during the 1960s. The Allen Park Veterans Administration Medical Center was sometimes referred to as the Dearborn VA Hospital.