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C.P.A. Building


Usually known locally as the C.P.A. Building, this flaming turd has been purchased for $900,000.00 American dollars by an “undisclosed” New York investment group, who owns other buildings in Detroit. Why “undisclosed” ? Well, the best part about property speculation in Detroit is that you do not have to do a damn thing to your property once you buy it, because the City is sure as hell not going to say anything to them about securing their new structure.

If the City were going to do anything like that, they would have sent blight and condemnation notices to the owner who has held it for the last 11 years. And for about 4 years this building has been wide open and completely trashed.

Oh gee, and look at the view from the C.P.A. Building – the biggest and shittiest abandoned thing in Detroit, the Michigan Central Station. Also left open and rotting for decades with absolutely no enforcement from city or state government. M.C.S. will never be reused or refurbished.




The Conductors Protective Association Building was a union office for train conductors. (remember “unions” ?)