all who wander are not lost

Allen Park Veterans Administration Hospital

Heres just some of the many many places and things that no longer exist in the Detroit Metro. Starting with Scovel Presbyterian Church in Grand River. This is where Henry Ford attended Sunday services for many years. According to Detroit Fire Department Arson Squad the fire that took this structure was deliberately set.

Further along Grand River was the former Norwest Theater

The Hotel Madison Lenox was infamously and illegally destroyed by the Kilpatrick Administration this year.

The Studebaker Plant and adjoining Piquette Marquet were lost to fire earlier this year – almost taking out the historic Ford Piquette Model T factory with them.

Along with many other of the historic store front facades on Merchants Row in Downtown, Lady Orva was demolished (for parking).

Part of the Connors Creek pumping station complex which was demolished in 2003

The building which houses the former Moonrise Cafe was burned twice in a row. Both sides. Still standing although parts are continuously falling onto the pavement.

The Allen Park VA Hospital – demolished in 2003.

The “Screw Factory” in Rivertown, demolished in 2005

The 101 year old Belle Isle Aquarium – closed in 2005 by the Kilpatrick Administration.

The Washington Boulevard “Red Monkey Bars”, urban park setting has been removed and the Boulevard has been restored.

Mrs West on the EastSide – “psychic reader”, gone since 2004

The Belle Isle Stables – oldest wooden structure in Detroit, demolished and dismantled in 2003. Parts of the roof were saved and stored away.

The Matthew Loflin Davis “Rock Sculpture” project on the shores of Belle Isle – destroyed by the Belle Isle DPW after the project was sanctioned by the City administration.