now with even more funk !

Heres a large pile of Civil Defense goodies tucked away in this fallout shelter.

Survival Crackers in their distinct gold tins.

This stash is in the basements of Wilbur Wright High School.

Water container: “To Reuse as a Commode”…Yeah, but THEN what ?

Chemical toilet


So long as I am crawling around in the basement of this place, lets take a look around..

6 Responses to Survival Crackers

  • From the looks of the basement, the blast already happened and no one had the guts to try the provisions!;)

  • actually theyre not TOO bad…got a bit of a wang to em, but theyre edible.

  • back about 20 years ago my old man brought home some candy from a fallout shelter. We ate that shit for weeks!

  • I got one of those ‘tins’, it has a little key spot-welded on the top for peeling the top. It doesn’t contain crackers, though, it has 30’06 bullets for your Garand rifle!

  • I haven’t had the guts to try my tins of crackers – dated August 1963. Hope I’m never forced to.

  • “THEN what?”


    you notice the “Sanitary Fill Line”? i guess youre supposed to wizz in it til you reach that line, then call the Civil Defense Commisioner to cart it away for you ahahahahhahaha

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