not all those who wander are lost

Fat tuesday, paczki, beads, boobs, Mardi Gras, Carnival – somehow all relates to Easter ?

And then on Easter (the date this is celebrated is determined by the first full moon of the Vernal Equinox in most christian denominations) we get colored eggs, plastic grass, chocolate rabbits, bunnies, chicks – all related to a crucified godman a couple thousand years ago ? Something got seriously messed up here folks.

All pagan fertility symbols.

Oh I forgot Ground Hogs Day, Valentines Day, Superbowl Sunday – everythings crashing into each other this year ! And today is “Super Tuesday” in the primary races too, its all just a big mess.

Ultimately it is a celebration of rebirth after a long dead winter, when Demeters (Ceres in Roman – patron godess of wheat and fertility) daughter Persephone is released from the underworld and the wheat begins to grow: “Thesmophoria”.

Persephone (Proserpina in Roman) is kidnapped by Hades and marries the lord of the Underworld. Hades tricks her by tempting her with the seeds of a fruit (pomegranate). After ingesting the seeds of the forbidden fruit Persephone is bound to Hades for part of the year, at which time all fertile crops die under a blanket of snow.

Lumina, come and wrap around me
Lumina, take me through the snow

Eve took a train, Eve took a train
Went to see her man
Melting inside, melting away
Like butter in the pan..

Lumina, come and wrap around me
Lumina, take me through the snow

Eve took a fruit, Eve bit the fruit
Juice ran down her chin..
Babies will put things in their mouths
Never heard of sin..

Lumina, open like the sea
Lumina, sing me in the dark

Eve had to ask, Eve had to ask
What is wrong with this ?
Here is the place, now is the time
Lets invent the kiss..

Come and wrap around me…

‘lumina’ ~ j.osborne, e.bazilian

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