not all those who wander are lost

Well, see ya later summer. Here are a few colorful nature photos before Michigan slips into a long winters coma.

I swear that bug is flipping me off for getting to close with the macro…

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  • Yeah, Charlie told me about that story before they did it -about Detroits “roof trees”. I know I have covered those for years, and also John on practically wrote a freakin soliloquy about them once !

    But the average Detroit News reader – if there are such things any more – probably missed my coverage. So its still a pretty funny story that Charlie is telling.

  • What incredible detail and color (sigh . . more summer memories fading away).

    The Detroit News finally added a video and story today about the upcoming Lafayette demolition, as well as the building’s rooftop vegetation. But, that’s old news for those of us who have been appreciating your coverage of this subject for a very long time.

  • These are AMAZING shots!!!

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