not all those who wander are lost

The Lee Plaza Apartments – New Center structure that has been stripped of ornamentation and its copper roof, sitting dead in the water.

Sometime during the last week or so, the death fences went up around the LeeP. Ive only ever seen this kind of fence lead to demolition – never to rehabilitation. [“deathfence” term coined by AIW at]

On the other side of town, a few intensely industrial views of life headed back from downriver.. Mmmmmm…Smells good.

6 Responses to Sulpher and Death Fences

  • I remember when I was in Detroit in Jan., & I noticed the copper roof gone from the Lee…I was going down Grand after getting some shots of the Grande Ballroom and saw it from a distance…very sad.

  • Whoa! I remember Lee Plaza’s roof GREEN. One gust and that scrapper would have been toast.

  • There was no “deathfence” for the Motown bldg., no respect, huh?

  • Sure does smell good down there at zug island. I’m not kidding, I spent a few years working in the very blast furnaces pictured above. Every time I smell the aroma, it brings back fond memories. Love the site.

  • Is LeeP structurally unsound after being stripped to the point it is now? I guess after the city turned a blind eye to the scrappers they knew they wanted to scrap the whole time?! Sad. Or MCS? I guess that will be next.

  • Sad but true, a fence like that usually means the end of the road. Occasionally it doesn’t, like at the Ransom Gillis, but more often then not it does. Plus the gentrfication is pretty light over at Grand Blvd & Lawton. It will be sad to watch them smack this grand old lady down, it won’t be quick, and it won’t be pretty.