now with even more funk !

Nailhed’s cell phone….

7 Responses to Street Scenery

  • Hahaha ! – Yeah, Im only one or two steps ahead of you technology-wise. I hate cell phones and cable television etc… to me they are just crackpipes with reoccurring fees.

    “butt set” – lmao

  • btw i love the 18th shot!!

  • ahahahahahahahah very funny wise-ass ;)
    so now youre jumping on the razz-nailhed-cause-he-doesnt-believe-in-cellphones bandwagon too?

    pretty soon im gonna start going around with a butt-set and ill make calls any god-damned-where i feel like, lol

  • Hahaha ! Jacob – thats just normal Detroit abandonment going on in these pics.

    Tomorrows pics will have all the peeps I photoshopped out of todays post.

  • #1 is great.

  • Did you photoshop the people out, or what?

  • Awesome, well done.

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