not all those who wander are lost

The Mighty Statler awaits its fate proudly and defiantly.

Even in its ghettoized state, the Statler still looks magnificent when the sun catches it.

Washington Boulevard side

Elevators installed into the fascia of the building

Abaters at work.

Some kind of blue dye pack left on the ground.

Very interesting, this day we found a chunk of the facade on the ground. It must have been removed to allow insertion of the elevator brackets.

Detail #61 on the original blueprint rendering.

3 Responses to Statler Abatement

  • Ah. Thanks for that. Awesome photos, as usual :)

  • Hey Jessie –

    Yes, abatement is specifically removing lead, asbestos and black mold. The same process was performed on Book Cadillac Hotel. It cost 20 million dollars to prepare the building – for either reconstruction OR demolition.

    Same with Stat, but theres no chance for rehabilitation in its case.

    The Statler has generators and other machines in its basements that leaked tons of PCPs from what I understand. They had to pump that shit out to begin with. Now its black mold, lead and asbestos time.

  • What does ‘abatement’ mean? Do they strip the building then demolish it?