not all those who wander are lost

I went out to Maybury State Park (former Maybury Tuberculosis Sanitorium) to kick around for building fragments last Sunday. I came across this abandoned farm structure ruin on some State prison land. Pretty cool, but the prison property just wasnt very inviting for impromptu exploring.

I went to the Seven Mile Road (south) side of Maybury and parked my car. This was the original entry way – I think where the big gate was. The original road is buried in the brush on the other side of the fence.

Two stone brick structures remain from this gate area along Seven Mile Road.

Well, we had some violent storms move through on Sunday…I chose to be outdoors in the highest geological point in the tri-county area when it struck.

I turned west to witness the above scene, dirt and debris coming at me at about 75 miles per hour. I ran to take cover behind a nearby tree – I covered my face and head with my shirt, and covered my camera. The dirt and debris raged past me like a sandblaster.

I looked up facing east to see the wall of rain that slammed into me after the initial sand and debris. Yeah, in what could have been my last moments here on earth, I managed to snap several photos.

Hey – if Im going to die holding my camera – there’ll be a photo of it, dammit…..

The Flag is Back

Okay Survival Crackas – whatup mang ? What the hell flag is this anyway ? – it looks like Italy or something, I dont know.


Okay, Ive been alerted by readers that this is the flag of Mexico.

The story of the flag is that the Urban Exploration supergroup SurvivalCrackas usually has their flag hoisted atop the United Artists building. Theirs was removed and replaced with an upsidedown United Nations flag – a type of protest. So theres that little power struggle of planting the flag up there.

The significance of the Mexican flag could be for a number of reasons. My guess is that the person who hoisted the Mex flag also left this message to Survival Crackas on the front of the building.

Now, that smiley head with the crossed out mouth is an old tag thats around in several buildings – including the UA. It usually is inscribed with “2012 – are you ready?”. It is an Armageddon date from Mayan mythology I believe.

Take a good look at the United Artists building some time if you have not already. ( I will do a comprehensive post soon for you out of towners ) Almost all the windows are adorned with Mayan glyphs which I think are from the Mayan calendar.

It is my guess that the artist who rendered the glyphs also hoisted this flag and left the note for the SCs. I assume he/she is of mexican or south american indian descent, and the flag is a nationalistic pride statement.

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