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Happy Boxing Day

for all you non-USA dFunkers. Also known as “St. Stephens Day”. To my knowledge all the english language countries celebrate this day except for the USA.

Australia, the Kiwis, Britain, Canada etc. all celebrate Boxing Day.

Nobody really remembers where or when the tradition actually started, but it is based on the premise of spending the day after Christmas (or the day after Yule before christmas was created) distributing goods or food to people who are less fortunate for whatever reason. This could be a class based gifting, such as a master distributing goods to servant staff, or it could be charity based – like to local poor people or orphans.

Nothing to do with discarded giftboxes.

People in the USA do all that stuff too, but in a more non specified time period. Tips are given to service workers in the days leading up to Christmas. Many charity events are staged on the actual holidays, and americans typically sacrifice a portion of their comfortable holiday to serve the less fortunate in soup kitchens etc. That is, those who care to do such things.

Mostly people in the USA get obsessed with spending, buying, shopping, creating tons of debt, stressing out, and pouring over GNP numbers that are based solely on Christmas mall spending. There is a distinct sense here that if you dont shop enough at Christmas, our economy will fail – so therefore not indulging in the gluttony is somehow unamerican. Our President even told us after the 11th of September attacks that we could fight our enemy by “going shopping”.

Ah, well…We are capitalists after all. Viva Dollar…!

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