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St. Stan is for sale – only $79,000.00.

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  • Typo … Whole area….

  • I think that whole are should become the new art district in Detroit. The assembly plant could be sound stages for film, the church a huge venue for theater or music. As with the historic theaters in NY, LA, and New Orleans. What do you think?

  • It’s sad to see the ruin. Like St. Germaine and others on Grand River. But its exciting to read about activist groups working to rehab and repurpose these places. Now that would be a project I’d feel proud to invest in.

  • Anna,

    I’m currently working with a team of people interested in rehabing it into a community (Teen Center) by day, and Soup Kitchen/Shelter by night. I Would love to talk more and share our vision with you. Please send me an email at

  • Thank you, dETROITfUNK!!! I’d seen this posted before but I couldn’t find it in my FB posts…I am so happy to find it again as I’m poking around on here :) When I dreamed of community centers, this is the building I saw. I don’t know if it’s an appropriate choice, but possibly if Detroit Schools indeed purchased and rehabbed the school facility, it might be flagship perfect. Who knows? I fell in love with this building when I saw its picture. It is such a beautiful building!!!

  • Within smelling distance of the Incinerator.

  • Well, I discovered your site a couple months ago, via detroityes. Fascinating. I went back and started from the beginning, and just now caught up to current. First, as so many have said, thank you for documenting our flagship city for us. You have done a wonderful job. Your work is remarkable. I look forward to more.

  • I thought the school was purchased by Detroit Schools and rehabbed.

  • So sad. I took photos there back in the 80s and was told that this is a scaled-down version of a church in Warsaw, Poland. It was such an exact copy that the Poles came here to get the plans from St. Stanislaus to rebuild after WWII bombs destroyed theirs. Now this church (like so much in the D) is being slowly destroyed, by neglect and stupidity. Such a waste!

  • Well this one is a foreclosure sale on a $2,500.00 back debt for property taxes. The tax bill that caused this building to be repossessed is half the amount of a single winter heating bill for the place ($5K).

    They can repossess St. Stan, but not Packard – why come ? (shady – thats why)

  • I am going to guess that the property for sale is the lot with the church and rectory. The school facility looks very up to date and has an alarm system (it was going off for a few days) so there is no way that could be part of a $80K sale. The rectory building looks like complete garbage, so I am going to assume its part of the church sale.

  • Is the whole campus for sale including the rectory and the school building?

    That is such a sad, sad state of affairs. Such a historic church’s fate is hanging by a thread. If the families and persons who sacrificed so much to build the parish into what it was in the glory days saw it now … *sigh*

  • Why is it in Detroit they decide to sell after its beyond repair ? I would be willing to bet they are going to ask for more then what its worth and it will sit unused for more years. Can anyone say wurlitzer