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This is a building that was demolished a few years back, I was looking for this photo set and just came across it. St. Paul’s Episcopal Parish House, on Grand River and Hubbell. Designed by Lancelot Sukert, 1928.

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  • I was baptized at St. Paul’s Memorial in 1946 by the same priest, Canon Widdifield. My grandparents, Joseph Guy and Olive Ely were members there and my mother, Evelyn Ely Diamond attended and was married there.(by the same priest) The family history is that Mrs. Henry Ford had the church built. We all lived nearby on Terry Street but our house is now a vacant lot there. My grandmother, Olive Ely sang in the choir for years.

  • Do you have anymore information about St. Paul Episcopal Church on Grand River?
    I am writing a book about the area and want to find out more about it.

  • DFunk,
    You probably know about these homes,, just wondering if you have taken any pictures of them? :)

  • After years of trying to find information about St. Paul’s Memorial Church I stumbled on these wonderful old photos. I was confirmed in St. Paul’s in March 1950. Canon James Widdifield(sp?) was rector. My family was active in that Parish for several years-we lived on Strathmore. (sp) It was the most wonderful church we had ever been part of -we moved around the country a great deal and attended Episcopal churches ithroughout the US. The Youth Group welcomed many high school kids from the neighborhood and staged plays on the stage in that parish building. The yearly week or two of study and fun activities at Cranbrook were glorious. I’d love to hear what became of the Widdifields and why the church and parish bldg. were destroyed. Anne Reynold Moore in AZ

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