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Here are just a few of the amazing things on the interiors of Cathedral of St. Anthony. This angel is one of the murals – I do not know the artist yet, but it looks quite a bit like Ezra Winter’s work.

The “Eye of God”, this particular rosette created by the Detroit firm Friedrichs and Wolfrum.

Stained glass can be tricky to photograph, so these are from several angles, and sometimes with fill flash to get the imagery on the glass lit up, combined with the natural backlighting. I have to get here early to catch the most ideal lighting, as the sun shines from the main rosette right down to the front alter.

This is one of two side alters.

The Stations of the Cross relief sculptures are quite powerful, imported from Germany.

Back to Opus 8055 here, the church organ. The church is looking to hire an organist who can play a two tier plus pedal board organ and of course read and be familiar with religious music. Somebody who can also sing, even better. Takes a sharp musician to pull this off, I know, but hopefully somebody knows a person out there who is looking for a Sunday gig.

For more details on this position, just call the church at 313.926.6445

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  • I Had the pleasure of going to high school class of 64 really enjoyed the spread of the church. I was lucky enough about 25 years ago to attend Christmas morning mass with about 15 other people and we formed a circle around the alter for mass! it was one Christmas mass I will never forget.
    If I can help with anything please let me know.

    thanks for the memories

  • I went to high school at St. Anthony and went to mass in this church with my class every morning before class. The church is still as beautiful as ever.

  • My grandmother played the organ for Sunday masses at St. Anthony’s for years. I remember going to mass with her and sitting watching her play that organ.

  • Sadly JoAnn, the school is in very very rough shape, and the congregation at St Anthony does not have access. I will check to see if I can get inside one way or another, though. All the messages from the former schoolmembers and congregation are extremely encouraging as we work on the church.

    Here is the new website I am building:

    Not too much info on there yet, much much more to come. I attend church there now, as I fell in love with the building, and the people are just amazing. The neighborhood really needs some love, in a serious way.

  • I remember attending morning Mass every Mon-Fri for four years in that church (class of ’62). We attended the stations of the Cross during Lent. Our football team prayed on the church steps before getting on the bus to go play a game. My class was/is very devoted to St. Anthony’s. We did many fund raisers to try to keep the church open.Our last class reunion (45 years!) had 92 people attend (our whole class was only 172!). We are all still in touch (at least 50 of us).Please keep up the good work on our favorite church. If we could only see the inside of the school, our lives would be complete :)!
    JoAnn O’Mara, Class of ’62.

  • Judith, it is wonderful to hear from original congregation members. I can assure you, the church is well loved now, and they are doing their best to grow a wonderful congregation there.

  • My great grand parents Heinrich Kehrig and Family were one of the founding families of St. Anthony and helped finance the building of the church and the parish. My parents were raised, schooled and married in the church and I grew up there attending both grammar school and high school. It was a GRAND parish and had 52 School Sisters of Notre Dame and a dozen Precious Blood priests in the rectory at the time it was my spiritual home. It is good to see her in all her glory and hope she will bring spiritual growth to all who enter her.

  • man that stained glass looks so freaking cool,… imagine how long that took to make.

  • Yes John, thank you so much – all donations are very much appreciated. I will try to catch you on Craig Fahle, for sure.

  • Be, like – Mr. Travel photographer ? I cant really imagine that happening. I do lots of different things, but the main focus on the detroit photos website is detroit photos.

  • Come on Randy, how much more of Detroit can you explore? Time to widen the coverage man. Find other cities to fuck around with.

  • Randy,

    As usual you out do yourself daily. I enjoy your site daily. Did you ever get my donation last year?

    By the way, I was interviewed on WDET on the Craig Fahle show this week, it iis suppose to air on Monday at about 10:35 AM if you are interested in catching it.


  • Amazing church. The building and the art inside. Glad to hear the neighborhood/parish is revitalizing this wonderful artistic treasure.

  • What a spectacular building! I would love to see it all up close the next time I come back to visit. Thanks for this series of photos, dfunk. Keep ’em coming!

  • That church is simply stunning.

  • My great great grandfather on my mother side was a church decorator. I believe he worked out of Wabasha Minnesota. However he did decorate churches all over the US. His name was George Satory. I have one of his promotional posters / advertisements that he created framed on my wall. Its quite intricate.

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