now with even more funk !

More trudging through the Packard…Im going to bring my bike next time !

Gotta throw one of the boats in here, hilarious.

These are from the upper levels of the far south end

You guys think this shit just fell down on its own, or is this one of the various demolition attempts by the CofD ?

These are in the one story structures on the west side of the southern sections.

Thats should take care of the Packard for awhile…hahaha !

10 Responses to Southern Packard

  • wow, these pics bring back many, many memories. The time I nearly died from a rafter falling onto a packed dancefloor, working the ‘door’ at a rave in the south end of the plant, cleaning up after another and being amazed at the place during the daylight.

  • Aw shit – now the pristine and completely ungraffitied interiors of the Packard shall be laid to waste – hahahahahah !

  • Damnit Nailhed; you had to go and let the cat out of the bag. Well I plan on vandalizing and graffiting this entire place; if someone would just let me in on the means of entry!!!

    Giving Detroit a Bad Rep for the Last 2 Years.

  • I love the density of the rooftop shots! What a massive facility!!!

  • dont be givin that navi kid any pointers…he’s one of those ruthless grafiti vandal types who is giving detroit a bad rep :)

  • Shit bro, you can just about drive a truck into the place from 20 different spots !

    I walked in the front door.

  • Damn! Just how do you get into this crazy place!

  • Oi~ Syd in the ‘ouse !

    Whatup Syd ?

  • Great pictures of the Packard.

    Only been in 1 time. It was a long day however. Got to get back.

  • that section definitely collapsed on its own, not from demolition. if you have ever seen a Kahn-style blg under demolition, they do not demo one floor at a time starting at the top like that; they nibble away at all floors at the same time, starting on one side and working their way in.

    thats how it was done at South Bend Stude, and the VerLinden Olds Plant in Lansing…

    but i couldnt really say exactly why that particular section caved in.