not all those who wander are lost

Backstreet Boys sold out in the D

“honk if you love Backstreet Boys” erkg…

6 Responses to SOLD OUT

  • That’s the vigil for the death of WDRQ as well, right?

  • So what, the city doesn’t have a budget for tear gas? That crowd looks pretty unruly.

  • Big O – I am right there with ya! It sure added a splash of color to foxtown for a few minutes.

    I am trying to make fun of Backstreet Boys but I honestly cant think of a single sing by them.

  • Ha! That the greatest concentration of Morons in one place that I’ve seen in a long time…

  • I tell you what Mr Funk. I severly dislike the backstreet boys but im sure there was some beatiful warm bodies outside of that place. Is the oral right or what?

    Well of course besides the fact that they were possibly all under the legal age to smoke cigarettes.

  • I thought we wanted to make the city better…