not all those who wander are lost

Here is the south end of the Packard plant two months ago.

And here is ow it looks now.

Bottom of the smashed area inside.

6 Responses to Smashing Packard

  • At least the Packard Club (located at the former Packard Proving Grounds) saved the stone Packard door lintel and side columns. It is going to be displayed along with a toilet, said to have been in the executive office of early Packard President A B Joy.

    They paid the owner of this Packard Plant to remove it.

  • Well, not if I’m inside! lol Great video although sad.

  • Whats the matter, Chris? You don’t want to be in the middle of the “Slumpy” vid, lol?!

  • Well, just goes to show ya, what goes up, will eventually come down. Natual collapses like that, is what ultimately keeps me away from these urban play grounds. Dont want to be there at precicely the wrong time if you know what I mean.

  • Well that main part of the smashed up concrete is in debate right now. Many are saying that is a natural collapse due to water erosion. As are other parts of that top floor.

    However, the buildings just to the north, and across Bellevue to the east have been demoed, and the steel has been harvested. So it seems that they might be sneaking around to “help” the big one go down – perhaps sans permit ?

  • Is this damage from scrappers or just age/neglect?

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