not all those who wander are lost

One of the Statler faces laying on the ground ready to be packed and shipped off to who knows where.

New and old identification marks in the cast details.

Heres what the Statler looks like from the air currently. A little bird tells me the main walls will be coming down this week.

And what of Kwame Kilpatricks pet project – Book Cadillac ?

Well, judging from the massive structural cracks and facia brick that are popping and cracking daily, it seems that this structure should never have received the rehabilitation attempt to begin with. Slumping and sagging appear to be destroying the outer shell of the building.

Thousands of bricks are shattering and popping out and this process is increasing in speed. This is largely symbolic of Kwame Kilpartricks overall failure to carry through on any projects he has initiated.

Ahhh and then there’s everybodys favorite slow motion collapsing mess – a structure I have named “Slumpy”. This is the Livingstone House. The foundation was dug out and replaced part way, and the sandstone was banded together to hold it during that process. well they stalled out for whatever reason and the banding simply can not hold the structure forever. AIW and dFUNK are all waiting patiently like so many vultures to be the first to capture that photograph of Slumpy after the initial collapse.

Slump on through to the other side, Old Girl.

Will Kwame level the entire skyline for the football game ? Its like King Kongs revenge or something.

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