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An interesting Slovakian church on the dirty EastSide..

[ df adds: “yeah, I agree with everybodies comments, its certainly some type of hall or cultural center building, rather than a church.”]


5 Responses to Slovakian Hall

  • slovak club. got one here in gary, indiana.


  • this is over by where St. Cyril’s used to be, yeah? i think this wasn’t a church, but rather a cultural social club of sorts.

  • fUNKster, it may have been more of a social club/hall than a church. From my experience “home” on the facade usually denoted some other use from religious services.

  • Man, that first interior shot reminded me of that scene in the theatre near the beginning of “A Clockwork Orange” Shades of billy boy getting his yarbles off with that devotchka!

  • Wouldn’t this building have been more like a community center for Slovaks rather than a church, much like the Dom Polski buildings—one on east Forest and another on Junction—for Poles. What history must be wrapped up in those places!