not all those who wander are lost

5 Responses to Sliding Downhill

  • Mr. DFUNK,

    Long time viewer, 1st time poster. Ah, Detroit in the winter time. Brings back memories. Love the pics, I’ve really learned a lot about the “D” and have a (re)newed appreciation for her. Hope all is well.

  • Stick to the burbs…. all you guys do is highlight the negative aspects Detroit. Why the comments like “Any run ins with the locals? Because the majority of this sites readers are white ex detroiters or the types that come to city for red wings games and quickly retreat.

    If you have nothing good to say or photograph whats the point?

  • These almost look like they were shot in the ’80’s.

  • Great photos. Pretty gritty territory: any run-ins with the locals lately?

  • GREAT shots.. keep the b&w’s comin’!