not all those who wander are lost

How could you look at this sign, and not want to eat that hamburger ?

Is “wigley” meat supposed to sound appetizing ? I prefer my meat not wiggle at all…if possible. Just kidding, there Wigley’s.

World’s largest daily display of corned beef…..that says it all.

“pamper me palace”…

5 Responses to Signs and Paintings

  • Some Roseville love with Gonzo’s!

  • Wigley’s meat is owned by a friend of mine. Some of the best corned beef i’ve ever had.

  • LOL! Unfortunately, Fla. does have it’s share of “convenience stores”. And, they predominately belong to a chain such as 7-11, Circle K, Little Champ etc. Sadly, they’re just not quite the same as Michigan’s Mom and Pop stores. They sell “soda” but for some reason no “pop”!

  • Yeah, that seems to be a regional thing – people in other areas have never heard “party store” before. Here I think it is synonymous with “convenience store”

  • Ha! Party Store… I remember those. Sort of a convenience store with a deli and whatnot. Oddly enough, we don’t really have much like that down here in Florida.

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