not all those who wander are lost

[Here’s the notathemepark hilarious fact o’ the day. Jerome Bettis, (RB for the Pittsburgh Steelers) who is a native of Detroit was given the key to the city of Detroit yesterday. The last person to recieve such an honor was in 1980 when the key was given to…SADDAM HUSSEIN! Please tell me that Detroit has changed the locks since then! Hilarious!]

Heres a shocking and unavoidable image – the SuperBowl signage flanked by the two Davids: David Broderick and David Whitney.

Two abandoned skyscrapers.

Cant/dont wanna fix your building ? A big colorful sign is MUCH cheaper ! Just PROMISE to fix it later…

David Broderick Tower is going to be lofts – any second now…….yuh.

Odd that the City pressured other land owners into scraping graffiti from their window glass, but failed to do it on a building that they themselves own. Welllllll, just paint some footballers on the plywood barricading the doors and we’ll be all set.

This building is telling me that I can watch the SuperBowl on my cellphone ! Do they have big screen cellphones yet ?

The City is starting to look like a giant magazine ad.

Heres your nearest smash and grab location…


Official Demolition experts of SuperBowl XL…..

I was serious about that last part – look at the sign !

I’ll be happy when this madness is over.

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