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Here is the Sherrard Elementary demolition.

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8 Responses to Sherrard Elementary Demo

  • i had the same thought about the architectural accents. why are they not being saved? things like these are not used so much in buildings anymore making them bland and uninteresting. someone contact architectural salvage warehouse!

  • Dennis in GR has the equation figured out – broke school districts paying bloated salary/benefit and pension packages have to close/demolish schools and increase class sizes, thereby reducing attention paid to at-risk kids (never mind the effect on those who are capable!) and the downward spiral begins. Like with the auto industry, Detroit is simply ahead of the curve of what is happening everywhere else.
    Boy the one business that seems to be booming is the demolition business – where the heck do they take all that stuff – are there enough landfills in Michigan to handle it all?

  • Is it just me, or is there a strange correlation between closing/falling school buildings and falling graduation rates? This is one thing that Grand Rapids definitely has in common with Detroit. Tragic indeed!

  • Who needs schools anyway when you can learn everything from a video game?

  • No – this is not one that is on detroitfunk – a similar one is Dexter Ferry, also about to be demolished. Also Jane Cooper, now razed.

  • Wow…no attempt to save any of the architectural ornamentation? Tragic.

  • Isn’t this one of the schools that you highlighted on one of your past trips? The entrance looks familiar…

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