not all those who wander are lost

This is the Ransom Gillis painting I am working on, although a bit slower with my right hand needing to be restrung. Ortho doc in the morning, so we’ll see what is wrong with my paw then.

I used the original old photo of RG for the structure, and subsequent ruined versions for colors and details. It is amazing how many different windows and locations of windows there were.

This is ‘blue tree’. Its a small canvas, of a blue tree in a farm field.

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  • Well, with my neck bones slicing into my spinal cord and a mashed ligament in my hand – Im thinking the ear thing would be complete over kill.

    You know that actually happened in a fight with Paul Gauguin ? Vincent gave the ear to a friend to hide it from the police so Gauguin would not be jailed. (Those dudes drank way too much Absinthe) The story you normally hear is about as true as “Columbus discovered America”, “George Washington threw a silver dollar across the Potomac”, “Benjamin Franklin stood in an electrical storm with a wire tied to a kite with a key in a jar”………etc.

    Everything they teach you in elementary school is a lie.

    So I guess to rephrase your question, do you want to go out tonight and get wasted on Absinthe, brawl in the streets and then cut my ear off for me ?


  • nice work!
    really like the blue tree in a farm field.
    -you’re not thinking of cutting an ear off are you?

  • Gorgeous painting! Wish I had your talent. Hope you are back on the mend soon!

  • Yeah, great news from the ortho – no tears on the tendon. Just a good old compressed contusion. Time for my hand to get off its ass ! He said to get it back to work slowly and it should mend to almost original condition.

  • Wow! Your RG painting is simply stunning!! I hope you got some good news with the ortho doc and that they don’t have to amputate your paw. *wink*

  • Beautiful images, dfunk!

  • What email do you use?

  • Great work! Really love your paintings.

  • Actually I work in 3D, so if you have a dxf or something, yeah I can render it here.

  • Randy,

    You many not know it and the CIA will come looking for you if you tell too many people, but I actually have AutoCAD drawings, both plans and elevations, of the Ransom Gillis House that were done by the architect who worked on the mothballing of the house a few years ago. Since you probably do not have AutoCAD I can convert them to PDFs and send you electronic copies if it would be helpful. Also, if you want higher resolution of the “through the years” pictures on my site I would be glad to send them to you.


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