not all those who wander are lost

Where the heck to go in Detroit when its 9 degrees (fahrenheit) outside ?

The Anna Scripps Whitcomb Conservatory ! A touch of color for a drab colorless winter day.

5 Responses to Scripps Whitcomb Conservatory

  • Hmmmm…i was thinking they were just a bunch of really pretty flowers and plants. shows what i know !

  • dingus what?!
    Here are the titles for the above images. (Although sometimes a cigar is just a cigar).
    1. Ovaries
    2. can you say “Georgia O’Keefe?”
    3. climax
    4. Hah, look down, you know what this is.
    5.On the rise.
    6.”Balls,” said the Queen.
    7.Out of the sheath.
    8. Nuts to you.
    9. Alien organs.
    10,11. See #2.
    12.”Are you just glad to see me, or is that a . . .
    13.little women.
    14. big lips.
    15.Ahem, bumpy dingus.
    16. see #2 always beautiful.
    17. thank you for the pubic display.

  • VERY nice.

  • dingus what now ?

  • When I got to the bumpy dingus I realized this is nature porn. Thanks for the uplifting imagery, right down to the short and curlies!