not all those who wander are lost

Now I can eat my dinner right off the image of the lost Scovel Church.

Sweet !



In Detroit Michigan, in 1892, Scovel Church started Gods work out Grand River beyond the railroad. The cornerstone for the chapel was laid in 1896 and the one for the church in 1921.
James D. Jeffrey was pastor from 1898 to 1929 and George D. Jeffrey from 1929. Our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ has given his plan and we give our obedience and consecration. 11 Timothy 2:15.

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8 Responses to Scovel Plate

  • 3/18
    That very plate must have
    been on EBay shortly prior
    to the fire–I remember
    having seen the auction
    and then the auction van-
    ishing almost immediately
    after the fire.
    Thank you for sharing it
    in the photo.

  • Sorry Charles – got the plate on eBay, but Kristens family beat you to it. Amazing though to hear from actual family members of the original churchbuilders. Perhaps you and Kristen should talk, as it seems your familys must intersect.

  • My grandfather was an original Scovel.who’s family built this church. Such a loss,so much lost and neglected history. Where did this plate turn up. Is it for sale. My mother would love this.

  • Hi Kristen,

    email me bout the plate

  • My ancestors built this church and we were amazed to see pictures of this plate. Please email me if you are interested in selling it. My grandmother would be speechless if I was able to give this to her.

  • The joys of eBay baby !

    Its like a box of chocolates Forest, you never know what youre gonna get.

  • OK, where the hell did you get that plate?!

  • It’s untouched by the flames. Surely this is a miracle. Somebody say “Hallelujah”.

    BTW, what are those bushy accessories flanking the building in the picture? I don’t remember seeing those things.