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Scovel Memorial Presbyterian Church was built in 1898.
Henry and Clara Bryant Ford attended this church every sunday.
It closed in 1977.
The inside of the building had 10 bedrooms, a kitchen, a gym and a sanctuary as well as misc. offices.

Burned early Sunday a.m. February 13th.

Still too early to say, but of course arson is always suspected initially.

Local news arrives..

4 Responses to Scovel Church Fire

  • Yeah – the news clip I saw was early Sunday am. Charles Pugh – stating “the church is so old, nobody even knows the original name of it…”

    Uh….well unless you research it for a minute. Hahaha !

    Actually my data on Scovel comes from DetroitBlog, because I know he researches direct source materials at the finest historical librarys available in this area.

    Naw – nobodys going to report about the tire dumping, its a slippery slope. They could go block after block in some areas finding conditions equally deplorable, so where do you stop ? I think they just dont start.

  • I didnt see the story on the news…did any of the reporters mention anything about the pile of dumped tires in the back of the building? I am positive they would never dream of exposing the random dumping grounds across they city when they see them…but it would be interesting if they did say something about that…and that truck…thats probably stolen…and still there.

  • Damn, more history down the drain……. People without history — haven’t a future…

  • All the good ones are going this way.