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This is one of three theaters inside Detroit’s Masonic Temple.

From the Masonic website: “The Scottish Rite Cathedral with its seating capacity of 1600 and its fully equipped stage for the dramatization of the Scottish Rite degrees. The Cathedral is a beauty spot of the Temple made rich by the carvings and color work of the whole which is most effectively carried out in the ceiling. The Cathedral is equipped with a four manual organ of 70 stops, the echo of which is located in the ceiling. The stage is modern in every detail with a width of 64 feet from wall to wall and a depth of 37 feet from foot lights. The proscenium opening is 35 feet. The height from floor to fly gallery is 28 feet and from floor to gridiron is 64 feet. There is a counterweight system of 100 sets of lines and a remote control five color preset switchboard.”

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  • Hi Ray – Here is the contact info from the Freemason library:

    If you would like visit Detroit Masonic Temple You need to contact Bro. John Snider who is the official coordinator for all Masonic Temple tours in Detroit. – at or call 313 – 949-0757

    John is very cool, and will be happy to arrange a time to show the building.

  • How can I get a tour of the building?

  • i DID make it to the unfinished floor ! !


    Those photos will be on Tuesday.

  • I think Scottish Rite is smaller then the main theater. And the third one is on the top floor – it was never finished due to the Great Depression.

    This building is one of the most complicated ever constructed. Swimming pool, gymnasium, ballroom, dining room, hotel floors for traveling Masons, multiple lodges. Hundreds of rooms.

  • Are all 3 theatres here the same size? I was only in this building once a few years ago for a play in one of the theatres and was amazed at how massive this place really is. I wanted to wander around after the play, but it was late & security was pushing everyone to the exits.

  • I dunno why the lights were on, I dont think this was part of the tour.

  • Wow, that ceiling detail is really something…I can see light beyond some of the ‘panels’, and yet, I have never been in a really old bldg. that had skylights. Gotta check this out live.

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