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5 Responses to Scott Fountain Pewabic Tiles

  • Very cool. Well at least some folks are keeping their eyes on this stuff – much appreciated !

  • I know none of us was aware of that till after I brought it up to several people. Apparently from what was explained to me was the tile and under-workings had to be removed to replace all the pipe that some hoodlums stole which has kept the fountain from working. They plan to install new tile to restore it like it was but had no idea that the company was just going to chip it all up and throw it away. They actually had plans to just save it and reinstall it after the new pipe was installed. I’ll keep everyone updated on what happens.

  • Thats cool ! But the demolition company still straight up stole the original tile work from the fountain and needs to return it all to the City.


    I went to the Belle Isle Masquerade Ball and was able to speak to Mayor Bing. I can say that the money from the masquerade ball as well as donations from the Friends of Belle Isle Foundation will be working to restore the Pewabric Pottery tile in the fountain.

  • Thank you…thank you…thank you!!

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