not all those who wander are lost

So my kids go to Farmington STEAM Academy in the heart of Oakland County. In this day and age with all the horrible stories of school shootings, school systems are trying as hard as they can to grapple with modern security methods….right ? Pffffft…Naw. At my kids school this is all fake. Whatever hyping they have done at the State level to scare people into coughing up millions in tax money to bolster security at our public schools seems to be just a hustle for money by playing on parents emotions.

At Farmington STEAM Academy, the kids do not even use the marked crosswalk to the double doors of the main hallway. Instead, they load them in through the dumpsters, sometimes past the garbage truck emptying the dumpster – into a propped open fire door. Sound like a school security plan to you ? Hahahahaha ! Yeah me either.

All the money spent on security at my children’s school is focused on the principals office, obviously to protect the principal. There are no other security cameras or secure doors, and 90% of the students are loaded in with the trash behind the cafeteria every day. Look at the photo, see anybody securing that propped open door ? That was this morning. Anybody can approach this area from a number of directions, and I dare say it is the absolute least secure door on the entire facility. But it must make something easier for the principal. I have not gotten an answer to these questions from the Farmington Public School district. They seem okay with this. Would you be ?

I say some officials are extorting money from us for security, yet they do not actually do anything that keeps children safe.



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