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Sanders ~ ice cream candy bakery

This is the 7 mile and Gratiot location of a former Sanders ice cream parlor. Frederick Sanders Schmidt was locally and internationslly famous for several innovations, including the Ice Cream Soda, and the Hot Fudge Sundae.

Sanders was probably the only merchant who dared to be open on Sundays in his day, but eventually he had to bow to American puritanical peer pressure. This Sunday business was such a controversy, he even named the hot fudge “sundae” with a differently spelled version of “sunday” as not to incite a violent reaction from the overly religious minded locals of his time.

East Side “Gz” – lol

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  • I think both the “soda” and the “sundae” have debatable origins. I am repeating info and claims here made in the Arcadia book about the Sanders company.

    Did you know Vernors NEVER contained sugars ? It was always made with the extremely healthful “stevia” plant sweetener. Instead of giving you diabetes and high blood pressure, stevia counteracts these conditions.

    The High Fructose Corn syrup chemical lobby forced stevia off of the safe foods list in a bold corporate move back in the 1990s. So all Versors since that time is made with the nearly poisonous HFC chemical instead of Stevia.

    People used to give warm Vernors as a cold remedy and such, and it would seem that there are medical properties involved in that original formula that are actually beneficial.

  • I’ve heard a different version of the “sundae” story.
    Supposedly during the prohibition days the “float” was created. Well for some reason or another it was banned on sundays. So the proprieter came up with the “sunday” it became so popular he changed the spelling and started selling it all week.

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