all who wander are not lost

The former Sanders world headquarters and factory went up in a blaze yesterday morning around 5 a.m. These photos were taken 13 hours after the fire started, and it was still going strong.

This truck is from Berkley – this is a pretty large fire, and surrounding communities did pitch in.

5 Responses to Sanders Chocolate Factory Fire

  • I agree ! that place was an awesome facility. This was a travesty.

  • I was the plant engineer at this plant. It kills me to see this once remarkable and beautifully built plant burn up it could have lasted another 100 years if it was run with good management and sales force

  • did the City of Berkeley also provide the sundress-wearing blonde? LOL

    saw this one from my house

  • Loved Sander’s when I was a kid…still in business? Used to go to the one in Eastland Mall.

  • i am from kansas city and love your photos.EXCELLENT last shot of the American flag. one of my passions is the rust belt, always has been always will be. a detroit vacation is on my short list. keep up the good work.