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Some shots from the former Sanders factory property in Highland Park.

Missing bronze plaque.

Here is the first Sanders factory that was built in Highland Park

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  • Pollmar, Ropes and Lundy were the architects. 1940 or ’41 was the year of design if I recall.

  • Marty – Morley Candy owns Sanders now, this factory has been closed for a number of years.

    Nailhed – and if this might be a Kahn, might the sculptural reliefs be by Parducci ?

    Ric – the plaque just referred to the Sanders business. I have a photo someplace, Ill look for that.

  • if i remember, there were blueprints to this place sitting around in the Broderick Twr. i wanna say this was an Albert Kahn blg…?

  • So, these guys have gone out-of-biz ? Sad, importing of foodstuffs has not gotten out of hand, hopefully it won’t! Wonder why it closed, looks like the kind of place where you could raise a whole family if employed there. Near me, there was an industrial-sized bakery for a vacant lot. I heard the employees were stealing the place blind.

  • Do you know what bronze plaque once said?

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