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  • Hi, I really like your sight. A word about the Guild Theater on Gratiot; this building during the Depression of 2008 was on the market for $16,000 if I recall. Did not want to “restore” it to it’s former days of debauchery but wanted to acquire the used car dealership next door and tear down this “jewel” of movie history. PROBLEM: Asbestos removal would cost tens of thousands of dollars. I am sure it would be more expensive now as our city officials have higher ethical standards than the old regime so there fore are more expensive to bribe! Anyway, this acquisition did not come to pass. As a native to the east side, I first attended this sleezy joint when burlesque was in it’s final years down at the old National Burlesque which still stands. My visit to the Guild was memorable only due to the fact that as a 17 year old I went to use the men’s room and was quickly followed by three or four guys! I decided to forego returning to grab my Milk Duds I left on the next seat and like my tour in Vietnam quickly retreated. My sainted father remembered the place as a low end movie house that showed Grade “B” movies in the 40’s.

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