not all those who wander are lost

Exposure one – Metropolitan Building

Exposure two

Crazy stairway.

I was driving down Warren and we spotted this noble chariot…To my shock when the light turned green it moved !! That back wheel was even more bent than it looks in the photo.


All in a beautiful pastoral setting called “Maybury”.

An eye level view of the Statler roof during demolition. Some folks are still babbling about saving the building, but every day there is less and less to save.

Shot through with sunlight.

4 Responses to s c r a z y . . . . .

  • I missed this yesterday – I really like the contrast in the last Renaissance Center photo between the old burnt out buildings in the foreground and the gleaming new buildings in the background.

  • Ha! That is one sweet ghetto sled. What it really needs is a plywood ground effects kit…

  • Not just in your hood – practically in your backyard if you know which abandoned soon-to-be-a-subdivision hospital I am referring to.

    Hey Aram – riddle me this Batman: The residences along 7 mile road on the border of Maybury Park, the ones that cut into the park plat, have they been removing groups of homes to plant mansions there in past years ?

  • Dfunk, you’re all up in my hood!
    I’ll try to find out some info on that
    school building for you.