now with even more funk !

Exposure one

Exposure two

Crazy stairway.

Okay man – who ever pulled this off is a genius….The United Artists office building now has a flag !

[note: I just learned that SurvivalCrackas are the original geniuses behind the flag hoisting concept at the UA. Again~ check out their site! -dF]

Cant really make out whats on the flag with my equipment. Genius I tell you….

I was driving down Warren and we spotted this noble chariot…To my shock when the light turned green it moved !! That back wheel was even more bent than it looks in the photo.


Hey Nailhed – whats the story on this place ? Has it been open in the past ? Spotted it on the way out of Northville after hiking around Maybury again. I remember it from when I lived in Plymouth – just one of the one room school houses around there still standing.

Definitely a few sites people should take some time to check out, starting with my pals at NothvilleTunnels.

And of course Kippers site about MayburySanatorium which was formerly in Northville, Michigan. Maybury was a quarantine camp for Tuberculosis patients – a very remote time far from modern day medicine. Or is it ? In a time of AIDSHIV hysteria, SARS, Birdflu – that crazy ass killer flu that some dumb ass organization “accidentally” mailed to labs all over earth – maybe places like Maybury will be required for a near future pandemic. Research of this facility is not only interesting, but may be one of the more important and essential resources for upcoming world events.

This website is the place to start. Take a look at our recent past – and perhaps our near future. All in a beautiful pastoral setting called “Maybury”.

An eye level view of the Statler roof during demolition. Some folks are still babbling about saving the building, but every day there is less and less to save.

Shot through with sunlight.

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  • The UA is once again graced with the SC flag.
    The flag that was up there was an upside down UN flag, which might be a concept that I might agree with, so we didnt piss on it or burn it or anything.

    The odd thing was that the wire ties we used last fall were still there, so maybe no one took the flag down last time, maybe a really strong wind took it away.
    It’ll be there longer this time I suspect.

  • “Hey Nailhed – whats the story on this place ? Has it been open in the past?”

    yeah, way back in like spring of 2003, i was taking pics in the cemetery and noticed there was an opening in the back to the basement. i didnt go in. i came back that night and when we drove by, a white security s-10 followed us, so we kept going and turned around. he kept following us, so we kept going back & forth, making him follow us. we eventually left, but it was funny…i assume he was a guard for the BFI dump. i never got in there, but i know people who have.

  • I missed this yesterday – I really like the contrast in the last Renaissance Center photo between the old burnt out buildings in the foreground and the gleaming new buildings in the background.

    it stayed up for only 3 days or so.

  • Ha! That is one sweet ghetto sled. What it really needs is a plywood ground effects kit…

  • actually, it was October 9th that we put our SC flag atop the UA…though we planned it a week beforehand. i remember because we went to the Grande Ballroom for the first time right afterward.

  • Uhhhh, WTF, dude? People are copying off SC’s stunt now, and getting props for it??? We planted our flag on the UA last fall:

  • Not just in your hood – practically in your backyard if you know which abandoned soon-to-be-a-subdivision hospital I am referring to.

    Hey Aram – riddle me this Batman: The residences along 7 mile road on the border of Maybury Park, the ones that cut into the park plat, have they been removing groups of homes to plant mansions there in past years ?

  • Dfunk, you’re all up in my hood!
    I’ll try to find out some info on that
    school building for you.

  • What is the strike count on the building? My count is two strikes and no balls.

    At least you blurred out my license plate number on my Sunfire. Vrooom!