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A walk to raise awareness of the Danielle Stislicki disappearance was organized by the sister-in-law of the former Raleigh Office building (where Danielle worked and was last seen) security guard whose house was searched by police in December. Demonstrators walked several blocks of streets in the neighborhood around Jane Addams elementary school on Webster Street for over two hours. Media was present and folks from WDIV 4, WWJ, WXYZ 7 and WJBK 2 did interviews and took video.

Danielle has been missing since December 2nd, 2016.

3 Responses to Royal Oak walk for Danielle

  • Diane, I assume you are talking to the sister-in-law and not to me, because I am not related to either family in anyway beyond being a concerned Farmington Hills resident. Personally my opinion is that there is no way a judge would issue a search warrant on a person’s home and allow confiscation of parts of the home, a mattress and two vehicles without some extremely compelling evidence. Technically the security guard was indeed a coworker in that office building. Yes indeed, let the police do their work.

  • Thank you for giving coverage to this story. A missing person. A known person seen with her just before her disappearance. A known person who refuses to talk. Guilty or not this person owes society some sort of explanation. What happened to the morality of man? And again, kudos for sharing this!

  • we all feel for you and your family and can’t even imagine what the family is going through!!!!! However with all that said you really need to let the police and FBI do their jobs. It’s been since Dec1st and nothing yet however with the faith of God that light will bring her home or a recovery will arise.Nobody will forget about her and her family;that I know for sure.But having the news 2,4,7 there really is not the answer. And not pointing any fingers but your foucs should be on her co-worker.I”m sorry if these words are up setting but there are imidiate situations going right now like the loss of channal 2 anchor man,where thoes cameras could be in use.Agaain foucus on her co-worker or workers,there is where your answers will be.

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