not all those who wander are lost

2761 East Jefferson

William Kapp 1925. Neo – Romanesque. This was originally designed for the radio and advertising studios of G. H. Phelps.

This is the “town crier” Corrado Parducci sculpture – all grown over with vines.

Here is Parducci’s Town Crier several years ago.

2 Responses to Ross Roy

  • I believe the idiots that own it are Wayne State University. So, Im thinking not much is gonna get done.

  • AARRGGHHH! Don’t those idiots who own the building realize the “quaint”, photogenic English ivy that they allow to grow on it will ultimately DESTROY it?!?!

    The “glue” that ivy uses to attach itself to structures actually erodes away at mortar and introduces fissures for moisture and the freeze/thaw cycle to accelerate the collapse. Unbelievable.

    Out here in the Pacific Northwest, it is viewed as a noxious weed that creates “ivy deserts”. Bad, bad stuff.

    Anyway, the decorative caning on the turret windows is very unique and beautiful – and non destructive…

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