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Here is the site on Google – when it was still under construction.

8 Responses to Rosa Parks Transit Center

  • The contractor that hired my company provided the Fabric.

    S Pena

  • ps.

    We did not build the Fabric Canopy.

    S Pena

  • I built this structure with my crew in Dallas, Texas. We worked on this sculpture night and day for 9 months straight, no days off, no holidays, etc. My company is PENACO INDUSTRIES CONSTRUCTION AND FABRICATION GROUP, LLC, based in Dallas, Tx. We are a Disadvantaged Veteran Owned Business Enterprise. I put up with a lot from those who hired me to do this project, like not paying us on time, holding back monies earned, not wanting to pay for changes they would ask for, not payinf for the proper accumulated weights, and even taking parts of the steel away so that they could do it themselves(all the gravy stuff),etc, etc, etc…
    I did not even get a lousy mention. Goes to show doesn’t it?

    Santiago Pena PA

  • I did see that and wondered what the hell was going on. Doesn’t seem like too much has changed and nothing apparently for the better. Hell IHOP closed. I thought I saw a stroller in your drive though.

    If we would have stayed until this year, like I originally planned, I don’t think we could have sold the house for $80,000 which just wouldn’t have been good.

    In the ‘new’ house prices have taken such a dive it is unbelievable.

  • Somebody is still in there – yeah. Its a shame, you guys had that place looking pretty sweet.

    Did you see my neighbors lawn ? Dug up the sewer pipe in the winter, and never resurfaced the dirt or put grass back in. Crushed sewer pipe throughout the hard clumps of dirt, with three foot weeds.


  • Is there anyone living in the house? We didn’t think she would last one year.

    I worked a few weeks at GPN this summer and drove by once in the morning, curiosity killed the cat, and the front was rough.

  • Oh hey Jim !

    Wish you would move back and cut the grass in your old yard.


  • I love the sign of all the project managers and designers. Not one mention of the skilled trades and it is the skilled trades that actually produce these buildings.

    Sadly not all buildings are skillfully built.

    A lovely building that I enjoy looking at.

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