not all those who wander are lost

Oops, dont want to peak out this hole in the wall…

Cause you’d be falling.

some odd spraying equipment left over.

Some things that look left over from a printing operation at one time.

All medical reference books.

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  • Thanks dfunk. The gps feature is one I’ve been crying for years to be implemented – nice to see it’s finally available.

  • if this building was in better shape it would of been perfect for lofts

  • 5435 Fort Street near Junction.

    RJ – I will be adding new features in the new year, including GPS stamping on the photos. This is a feature that the new camera has, but it needs an attachment. That should be fun – the ability to see a satellite view of any photo location. (records Long + Lat via satellites)

  • I will be hitting up Cass Techs exterior details for sure, and no I have not been inside, nor do I plan to do so. Never know, but I have no plans at this time. I have a new lens with a 70-300mm range, so I’ll be hitting the details even closer than previous photos.

  • BTW, dfunk – don’t know if you’re up to a trek, but Cass Tech is coming down…FAST. The thread on DYES says abatement starts Nov. 1. Have you ever been inside? The Pew tiles on the exterior deserve one last dfunk look for posterity, lol.

    Man, I sure wish I lived closer so I wouldn’t be bothering you with these “dfunk do” lists! Nothing like living vicariously through someone else’s camera lens…

  • Whew! Now I know where to go to duck and cover when the Big One hits…

  • Robert these posts are fantastic, thanks again. Would it be possible to provide a map or address or location reference?


  • I was going to ask when the building might’ve been used last. Judging by the last photo, I’d guess they were printing in the mid fifties?

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