not all those who wander are lost

6 Responses to River Walk

  • My bother-down-under –

    Hahahahaha ! Yeah, thats a good question. It looks like hes climbing a giant bum poop or something..

  • Man I’ve gotta visit D-Town in the summertime some day.

    One question, what the hell is the last rule on that board? No touching of giant hair-pieces allowed?

    Great photos Randy.

  • Nice to see the riverfront given back to the people, but hey, how much fun can a riverwalk be without a gun. They really know how to put a damper on things.
    Keep shootin!

  • That was you alright! It was my first trip to Hart Plaza. I decided to walk during my lunch time to check out Ford Auditorium up close and look in the windows. I work in One Woodward, so its very close by.

  • Sure could have been me. I would have had a black bag too. AIW of International Metropolis was out that day in the same spot too. I was there between 12 and 2.

  • Wow! I should have stopped you and said hello. I noticed a guy with a nice camera walking around the Hart, I wondered if it was you.