Back to Rouge River Park. Checking out a few of these very old school restroom facilities that still dot the park.

Here is a healthier version of the same type of restroom structure. This one appears to be maintained – at least as far as being functional. Of course it wasn’t open so…

Picnic shelter

eeeeew ! This is the kinda weirdo stuff you find in this park: A bum bag of poop…… or something worse……… dangled over the edge of a table hoping to pique somebody’s curiosity.

Interesting light fixtures on the remaining bridge light poles. This one has no glass, but several are relatively intact.

Another large abandoned apartment, not far from Parkview Manor.

Still a cool place to hang, and like Belle Isle – it is one of the few sanctuaries from the rest of the urban sprawl.

It is getting a little bit too “Life After People” in the RR Park tho….

2 Responses to River Rouge Park

  • GROSS ! – what do I look like, a Congressman or something ? LOL

    Yeah, I walked through, and did no hanging out. Like youve never poked your head into one of those blown out old toilet buildings….puhleeez…


  • be careful hangin around in those!

    might attract the wrong kind of solicitation, LOL!

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