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September 25th, 1849.

That was the date of the first Michigan State Fair.

August 2009 – this is the date of the last Michigan State Fair.

This was the first state fair in the United States of America. Anybody who has ever gone to one where they live, or used the phrase, or read about such cultural Americana in literature – this is where it all started. The MSF has been continually operating at this specific location for over 100 years.

This year is the Michigan State Fair’s last year, due to the State of Michigan rapidly approaching bankruptcy and complete economic failure.

Goodbye old friend.

A few last photos to remember by.

From now on we say “I remember the Michigan State Fair, we used to go all the time.”

And for those of us who ventured out this year, we will say: ” I was at the last Michigan State Fair, that was back in 2009.”

5 Responses to R.I.P. State Fair

  • ‘The Michigan Fair’ includes both fair grounds – upper and lower peninsulas – and both productions. And they both just closed their doors for good.

    Mrs dFunk heard that the land for both was already sold, but I cant locate that info for sure.

    I cant wait til they tear down the coliseum on the Detroit property so they can build a new Forman Mills.


  • I saw the New Vaudeville Band perform “Winchester Cathedral” there in 1969 – what a hoot!

    So now do we get to see this historical edifice slowly crumble away? Better remove the plaque before the scrappers get to it…

  • I can’t imagine a state without a state fair. How udder-ly sad!

  • Oh – heres hoping to that, definitely.

    But as the Aquarium and the Belle Isle zoo stand witness, things dont usually have much hope getting started back up.

    I am pretty sure they have agreed to sell the land already.

  • Nice pictures of a sad occasion, but like Detroit itself, who’s to say that it won’t be back someday?

    Here’s hoping it will.

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