not all those who wander are lost

One more post from the road trip. I found myself highly amused by the road signage as I got further and further west. Some of it standard stuff, some of it started to be over the top patriotic or “join the military” stuff.

On oddly laid out phrase, but I think it means to say “farmers are the heart of america”

3 Responses to Refuge of the Roads

  • the first flag sign you have on here is one that is all along michigan highways, in various states of disrepair or whatnot- they were put up at least as early as the sixties, to my mum’s reconning- for some reason they are always a sign of comfort and a sign of coming home for me when i am returning from a trek out-of-state.

  • We went out to the Holland are to visit sister-in-law and fam. Always a nice drive, specially without the lake effect snow !

  • Where did you go out west?